Sera Finn

Angelic gunslinger


Name: Sera Finn; Age: Appears in her 20s; Sex: Female; Hair: Blond; Eyes: Green; Build: 5’9", Athletic
Virtue: Patience; Sin: Pride
Tattoo Location: Right Hip

APPROACH: Careful d6; Clever d6; Flashy d10; Forceful d8; Quick d8; Sneaky d4.
DISCIPLINE: Combat & Tactics d10; Covert Operations d4; Mystic Arts d8; R & D: d4; Social Engineering: d6.

Concept: Angelic Gunslinger
Trouble: Righteous Bitch
Disciplines: The Rod and the Staff, Enochian Magic, Herder of Cats

Holy Healer: Because a divine radiance flows through me, once per conflict I can spend a demon die to heal a mild or a moderate condition in myself or an ally.
Famous Divinity: Because you’ve probably heard of my dad in this little book called THE BIBLE, I gain +2 when I Flashily create an advantage for my team.
Angel of No Mercy: I gain a +2 when I Flashily attack with my guns.



Sera has the patience of a saint, or perhaps it’s just the blood of her angelic ancestor in her veins, but she calmly endures all of the chaos engendered by the supernatural events, and her team, around her. Like any one she has her vices, but is determined to do good or die trying. Her favored weapons are a pair of M1911 pistols she lovingly refers to as the Rod and the Staff.

As a chapter leader of Omega 13 she totally believes her team can rise in the ranks of Brotherhood to a Mu or maybe even a Zeta. She has a not so hidden fan girl attitude towards her personal heroine, Anti-Tank Sally. Complete with posters. But she isn’t talking about that with the team.

If she thinks it will get the notice of the higher ups, she doesn’t exactly rush to call in a higher ranking team to clean up. Besides so far she figures someone else might appreciate NOT being called into Minot, ND’s sewer system. It does mean she can be somewhat of a bitch, but hey, a lime green Aztec isn’t that high of a cost right?

Sera Finn

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