Ki Lo Ni

Monk Teacher Pacifist Kickass


Name: Ki Lo Ni; Age: 44; Sex: Male; Hair: Bald; Eyes: Grey; Build: Athletic
Virtue: ; Sin: Wrath
Tattoo Location: Back of the Neck
Catchphrase: Boot to the head!

APPROACH: Careful d6; Clever d6; Flashy d4; Forceful d8; Quick d10; Sneaky d8.
DISCIPLINE: Combat & Tactics d10; Covert Operations d8; Mystic Arts d4; R & D: d4; Social Engineering: d6.

Concept: Monk Teacher Pacifist Kickass
Trouble: Patience, How Long Will That Take?
Disciplines: Quiet As A Leather Boot, Strategy Is For The Weak, Why Are You Bothering Me?

Hey, Hey I’m a Monk-y: When others miss me in combat, I get a +2 to strike them the following round.
The Hits Keep On Rolling: When ganged up on, I get a +2 to redirect a strike to someone else in the melee.



Ki Lo Ni

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