Ango 5 Sen-Ri (Senri)

Malfunctioning Japanese Cipher


Name: Ango 5 Sen-Ri (Senri); Age: 2; Sex: Female; Hair: Black; Eyes: Brown; Build: Slim
Virtue: Chastity; Sin: Gluttony
Tattoo Location: Behind the left ear

APPROACH: Careful d4; Clever d10; Flashy d6; Forceful d6; Quick d8; Sneaky d8.
DISCIPLINE: Combat & Tactics d4; Covert Operations d6; Mystic Arts d4; R & D: d8; Social Engineering: d4, Cipher d10.

Concept: Malfunctioning Japanese Cipher
Trouble: Learning From the Internet
Disciplines: 1337, 404 – Cipher Not Found, Select ..

Android Body: Because I have an android body, I can mark off 2 extra mild conditions and I am never hungry or tired.
System Restore: Because my back ups have back ups, once per conflict I can spend a faith die & roll: on a 1-4, I clear a mild condition; on a 5-6, I clear a moderate condition.
Format C – Hapter: Because my team is in serious need of defragging, once per game session I can spend a faith die to let any one of my chapter members re-roll when they attempt to create an advantage. Silly fleshlings.



Ango 5 Sen-Ri (Senri)

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